AG unfortunately had a huge number of physical problems including tiredness, trouble walking, incontinence, swallowing difficulties, optic neuritis in left eye and was on medication for her brain as after undergoing a lumber puncture last year she had been diagnosed with MS.

As we waited on the Lord for guidance one of our team had a word of knowledge regarding occult activity. We asked if she knew if there had been a trigger to her symptoms and she confessed that a few years earlier after her mother died, she had become mentally ill, was on anti- depressants and latterly spent 6 months in a secure hospital. Her problems didn’t end there as she then moved into a room in someone’s home where she experienced a number of demonic manifestations. She was so unwell she laid in bed all day, was hearing voices telling her she was going to hell, she heard ravens flying about and knocking sounds in the home.

We gave her Psalm 103 and Hebrews 11 v 6 and suggested she pray around her present flat, anoint the doors and lintels and pray over the land.

One of the team suggested she play worship music particularly the song “Waymaker” which she testified to liking.

We asked the Lord to release her from any soul ties with her mother and prayed for the healing of memories.

We had prayed God’s fire over her that He would burn away all the hurts. When asked if anything was happening or if she was feeling different, she said that she was feeling heat in her chest, so we continued to pray.

We asked the Lord to take an axe to the root of her problems and that he would singularly cut off each of the tentacles that were hanging onto her.

We prayed Psalm 91 over her had Romans 5 v 1-5.

At the second asking about how she was feeling she testified to feeling fine and her countenance had changed to being peaceful and lightened.

“PDB” or “pretty damn brilliant” is how one guest described the prayer support he was given at the Healing and Miracles night.

When he came online, he asked for three things that he needed prayer for. He had become completely disillusioned with the job market having tried many avenues to find employment, so he was trying to make a way to a new career by using his creative talents to write, illustrate and publish books for children.

He was embroiled in a very hefty four-year battle over finance with the government and was seeking compensation at the highest level. We had “the battle belongs to the Lord” and other scriptures regarding our battles. Inc Ephesians 6 (our battle is not against flesh and blood.)

Earnest and enthusiastic to turn things around he was trying to do everything in his own strength. He was full of righteous anger over his situation. It came to light that he had been bullied as a child so we broke the memory that off him.

We prayed for breakthrough, that God would quicken the results of the action and his job prospects to him. We felt strongly that he needed to “be still and know that I am God.” that “Mary chose the best” by sitting at Jesus’ feet and that when you find yourself at a crossroads you must seek the ancient path. (ie Jesus) We prayed that he would not to try and do things in His own strength and that he would consider not using worldly ways to solve spiritual problems but to seek God’s wisdom over his requests and ask God for His strategy for his future.  We sought the Lord for justice for him by going into the courts of heaven and asking our just Lord for a resolution. We had scriptures from James, Proverbs 2, Psalm 46 and 139, Ephesians 6 and also Jeremiah “I know the plans I have for you says the Lord” and for him to “stand still an see the salvation of your God” came strongly.

At the end of the session, he testified that he had been churning it all over in his mind so had not been sleeping and he realised that he needed to step back and let God be sovereign in his life and he now felt more at peace.

A young woman asked for prayers over breathing issues and went on to explain a host of difficulties in her life.  As we listened to her (and the Holy Spirit), we prayed over her which primarily were prayers of deliverance and encouragement. She was obviously touched by the Lord as she was crying while we prayed.  At the end of the call, which in essence was about 40mins we asked about praying for her breathing, but it was no longer an issue.  She said it was a powerful time and she felt lighter.  Glory to God!

A young man came online and asked for prayers for spiritual gifts. He particularly desired the gift of prophecy. The request was quite unusual as we had expected to pray for physical healing. We prayed for him with words of edification, exhortation and comfort and encouraged him to practice prophesying.  He did not really do that during our call, but he soon returned to the ministry line and emphatically requested to be sent back to our breakout room for a second time. When he returned, he had a boldness that we did not see in him before. He asked for our permission to practice his prophetic gift on us. He released prophetic words on the three of us which were spot on! His words for one of our team confirmed almost exactly a recent encounter and vision she had with the Lord and for a couple it was exactly what had been prophesied over then only a week earlier by a well-known American teacher. For the third lady on our team the words resonated with her and alluded to her arduous her journey with the Lord. It was amazing.  We believe this young man’s gift was activated that night!  Hallelujah!

About five years ago I had excruciating pain in all my limbs which was eventually diagnosed as polymyalgia. I was put on steroids which eased the pain but as I decreased the dosage it came back. I decided to visit the New Forest Healing Rooms where the team put me at ease, listened to my need and prayed for relief from the pain. The tears were flowing but I came out feeling happy and relaxed. A while later a blood test revealed the polymyalgia had gone. Two further tests confirmed by both a nurse and a doctor that my levels were normal. It has gone. Praise God! 


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