What happens in a Healing Room?

Whether your ministry time is on the telephone, by Zoom, WhatsApp or in person, the prayer team (usually two or three people) will briefly discuss with you your need before praying.
Healing sessions last around 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your need and are strictly confidential.

Some people receive their healing straight away, others find their symptoms get better gradually, sometimes after further prayer. At the end of the session people usually say they feel loved, lightened and a sense of peace.
Miracles are instantaneous but some sicknesses or inner healing takes more time. It is often a journey.

Can I be prayed for more than once?

Yes, you may contact us for prayer as many times as you feel you need.

How much does it cost?

Ministry is free but donations are appreciated to help with costs.

Please note:

Attending for healing prayer must not be a substitute for medical treatment or advice. We will never suggest stopping medication or delaying treatment, this is between you, your Doctor and the medical specialists.   

How To Make an Appointment

We offer appointments by:



0793 4163 155



(telephone or for a time and link)




Face to face

Personal healing sessions  (at a local venue TBA)